Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Okay, so I stink at blogging (I think every single post starts that way for me....). I've been thinking a lot about family lately. I think about the family that I have and the strength every single one of them is for me. I have a friend who asks me all the time "who are you closest to in your family" and I honestly don't know. I'm sure I'm bias (whatever) but I really do have the best family in the world. It's cool too because we are all so stinkin diffirent (which I attribute to my amazing parents who somehow raised 6 fully functioning children, all of which are happy, strong and capable and of which are all still friends...a serious achievement). The other night Dallin Kyle and I were talking with my parents about the ironic trends in our there are 2 kids with D names 2 with A and 2 with K. While we're all different its funny how the "letter kids" are similar. Por ejemplo: the A's - both are more education driven, have darker eyes and are into politics. The D's - both are very moved by the arts, dance & music speifically and have the hazelly lighter eyes. The K's - Both are tall, into sports, are loud and have blue eyes.... Wierd how those things work out.....I genuinley love them each for different reasons though. 1. Alicia - for her ability to see things clearly and be so logical and still remain the biggest goof balls of all time! 2. Angie - for her quick whit and ability to plan and find a solution for ANYTHING, and her true loyalty to others and a big goof ball! 3. Dara - for her gentle yet strong approach to life, her ability to love and empathise with anyone regardless of situation or circumstance and can't forget goofy! 4. Dallin - for being so perceptive, for his desire to do good and ability to work hard and rock out as he's does it a big goof ball! 5. Kyle - for his drive in life, no matter what it is he goes full speed, he always looks out for others and he is also a major...MAJOR goof ball! Things get crazy when all 6 of us get together, we've had small and major fights but it always works out somehow in the end. I don't mean to be so sappy but for reals-it's true that the family is the basis of society and I'm learning more and more that I seriously got a good one!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

So good

Hi! So even though I haven't been blogging all that much ... I swear I've been working on overcoming fears like I promised. I've said no when it would be easier to say yes...I've kept my mouth shut when it would be easier to freak out, I've forgiven when it was hard, I've loved when I didn't initially want to.... but.... as I've learned, if you don't write them down there really is no evidence that they ever happened, no mile markers for accomplishments.

Soooo.... here are some of the things I faced this year that I was afraid order of events these are the facts:

Januaryish ~ I started a new job! It's a real career type job. This scared me for several reasons. I was always worried that people think I can do things I can't and I would be found out as a fraud. It also meant committing to an occupation and to not being able to travel whenever I want...but I'd only have 10 days off and have to plan accordingly. This job has been really hard at times (especially today) but it always ends up good.
2. I opened up to someone that I actually didn't know that well. I was brutally honest about myself to this person and really allowed them to know me. This person helped me understand things about myself and dreams that I didn't think were there. Through genuine friendship and good questions I found a true friend and I will be forever grateful for him.
3. Lived completely by myself....and LOVED IT! haha
4. The relationship that I genuinely thought would last forever ended. I was afraid to have this relationship end because I was truly in love. I knew I would loose my very best friend. I would miss his family. I had so many expectations that I knew would not be fulfilled or would be postponed. I didn't really know where I fit in a group anymore as I had only been single for a total of 6 months in the last 6 years. And then there's the heartbreak which just can't even be described. But, I have to say I have learned so much in these last few months single. I have learned that my instincts are right, healing comes, truth never waivers and happiness is always in reach and that I am so blessed and always watched over.
5. I ran in the Warrior Dash!!!! It was only a 5k BuUUuuuUUt it was suuuper muddy and fun and had these sweet obstacles. I ran it with my friend Jen Mooth and my Aunt Cryste and Uncle Justin (also a shout out to Jenni O and Lindsay Peterson). It was a lot harder than I thought...that running through thick mud, climbing over walls, walking on planks, army crawling in mud under barbed wire, climbing a cargo net and jumping over fire was a bigger challenge than I had expected....but TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!
-I went cliff jumping in St. George...not really an accomplishment but oh so fun!
6.Relief Society - For a little while now I've serve as the Relief Society president at my church (if you don't know what that is ask me!). It was interesting because I don't normally think of myself as a weak person but this year I have been W-E-A-K at several specific moments. 2 of those were when I went to Pres. Dueck and very tearfully told him I needed to be released. Both times he said no. I remember specifically my responses "are you sure?" and then another time hanging my head and tearfully explaining "I have nothing left to give." I am very grateful for my Branch President and his insight. I love my calling and have really seen the blessings of and hand of the Lord in this calling and my life. If you really thrusting in your sickle when you don't know how or where to swing you will be guided.
7. GRE - enough I didn't really study...yes I'm taking it again...but I think I know what I want to study and what I want to do :) so direction is good!
8. Bought plain tickets to New York and South Carolina (okay not afraid suuuper excited!)
9. Tomorrow I will have my first surgery ever. Well, sorta surgery. It's just a finger...a middle finger which would be stuck straight up if I didn't get it fixed. This is really the first time (other than the car accident) that I haven't gone to the doctor and had them say "it's a miracle but nothings wrong." I'm not excited. I'm not necessarily afraid but it's just new... and I really would rather not recover looking like Edward Scissorhands and having pins sticking out of my finger but that's what I'll have for the next while....

I'll figure out how to post pictures and I'll add them....

I really am so happy and grateful right now in my life (except for the dumb surgery). OH....and a I'm really excited that I get new nephews (or a niece ....still not sure). Auntie is my favorite title so keep 'em coming sistas....brothers...please hold off, you're still babies.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Oops I did it again....

I had such good intentions of being a good blogger....but oops...I did (or didn't) it again.... But here's the truth...I don't know what to write about. I seriously think of blog titles and topics all the time and somehow they never make it to the monitor. BUT, my life is good, I am happy.
One coolish thing coming up is I'm running in the warrior dash -
I am not nearly as prepared as I thought I would be by this point...and usually I set a goal of how far I want to run but don't incorporate the return trip... this is when I call my sisters to easy my guilt as I sheepishly and between gulps of breath walk back the way I've come. But, for those of you who know me I am about the cheapest person alive....except for traveling, that's different...but I totally splurged the other day and bought a new ipod! I got the new Nano Touch and I love it!!! So that has been helping me out a bit.
This last weekend was cram packed! Friday night - bonfire in Tacoma, Saturday AM Hike at Denny Creek, early afternoon chilled with my grandparents, little later afternoon went for a run and then chilled with my grandparents some more, then went swimming then out latin dancing, where I was mildly hit on by a good lookin Dominican man (whew it was a fun fun weekend). Then up for church Sunday and then family dinner, nap and a movie with the bothers and Mom and then off to a BBQ and fireworks.....and then the 4th of July, my favorite holiday of all....I was sick :P Do I spent it relaxing and then cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents came over for scrumptious strawberry bacon burgers (2 thumbs way up!). So it was a good weekend.
Okay, now that I'm back in the swing of this I will update more...

Still in there swingin,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A week of failure...

SOOoooo I didn't really cook at all this week... I even had a chicken and didn't use it. But I did cook things but they were already frozen.... (beef broccoli one night and orange chicken from Trader Joe's, which I have to say I've always been really REALLY intimidated by Trader Joe's but we're growing on each other- the jalapeño pub cheese bonded us....) Which I guess since I went to Trader Joe's it was still a triumphant week ;)
So this week I'm starting early.... and I'm going to post me meals to make me accountable. If any one has side suggestions that would be great because I really don't know.....

Spaghetti with lemon and olive oil

Homemade Chicken Noodle soup (from the Gleed family soup base :)mmmmm)

Roasted Veggies and Bananacakes!

So that is going to be my week :) I'm actually really excited! Um, and since this is my blog I have to tell a story about something that happened to me today....

My friend Jen Mooth stayed the night after our volleyball game and we woke up and made waffles (AH WAIT I TOTALLY COOKED THEN!). We then decided to go out on a hike adventure behind where I live. We ended up finding the cooolest trail ever! By the end we were both soaked! Because she slid down the hill and muddied her bum and I had tried to cross the river creekish thing on a couple of mossy trees and ended up knocking my shins on those mossy trees on my way down straight into the river (really not deep but enough to soak my feet and legs and hands. All in all a very productive day. But not as productive as my big sis Leesha's day....because she had a BABY!!!!!!!!! woohoo I love nephews (I'm sure I'll love nieces I just don't have any....yet) CONGRATULATIONS GALBRAITHS!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So the verdict is in....Mango Lime Banana Bread is FABULOUS!!! Like really really good! Sara Lewis came over and she liked it and she doesn't even like Mangoes... seriously it's a luau for your taste buds! SUCCESS!!!!

Mangoes blossoming between banana breads...

So... After posting a couple weeks ago I sat down with my Mom and maid a menu. I figured I could legitimately make 3 meals a week... She had a sweet idea to choose a type of food for each day. I chose Spanish, Asian and what else...American. It's important to me that I can crossover from one recipes ingredients to another. So what I decided was Chicken Fajitas, Chicken Stir Fry and my sister Alicia's AMAZING butternut squash soup. So Monday I went out and bought all my ingredients for all three meals (except the butternut squash because I wanted it fresh). I planned Fajita Tuesday, Stir fry Thursday and butternut squash Friday or Saturday (I'm flexible). And Saturday morning when I hadn't cooked AT ALL I decided I better try something so the whole week wasn't a wash. I chose Stir Fry I think this stir fry was a tasty success.... if you don't consider the tummy trouble after :\ ..... I'm not quite sure what it was...maybe the 3 day old chicken (it'd been refrigerated, I get a little credit), or the veggies I forgot to wash, or the side of black beans (yeah I know black beans and stir fry don't really go...) but I ate it again the next day and it was fine so I'll chalk it up as a success!

So this week...I made grilled cheese and tomato soup (Campbell's mm mmm good). And while that was a tasty tasty dinner my real triumph was this morning.... I decided that it was time to use the 6 little brown bananas sitting on my kitchen counter. So I called my sister Angie for a banana bread recipe. I used to make banana bread ALL the time my sophomore year of college but that was back in 2003.... So I went at it again. Since I don't have a bread pan I used a bunch of little miniature foil bread pans. Which was perfect because I don't know what happened but I got this creative flair and went a little goofy.... 1 is just plain 4 have Cocoa powder (2 of them have it on top and 2 have it swirled in) and 2 have coconut shavings on top :) mmmm I'm so excited for it! My little bumps of banana bread are raising as we speak. Then I had a brilliant tropical flash of inspiration! Last week my Mom gave me a couple Mangoes..... and my good friend Hannah always used to eat mangoes with lime squeezed on it... So in about 5 minutes I will be smelling the warm citric aroma of Lemon Banana Mango bread... 4 fruits in a great carbohydrate blend.... I'm excited for my creation and even more excited that I invented!!! Eeek!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Confessions of a Top Ramen lover...

So....yes I put cooking in the same category as jumping out of a plane.... One takes great focus and preparation, is pretty expensive and is over before you know it and when done incorrectly can be fatal, the other is...actually that explains sky diving too... But, the other day I told people at work what I had eaten for dinner and I got a unified "oooh" with sad faces... and a friend at work commented that I sounded like a bachelor at the end of his pay check (ouch). And it was a meal I was proud hadn't been top ramen, which I have come to affectionately just call ramen (with an egg of course I'm not totally incapable). I had MADE tostones (fried plantains) and frozen waffles with peanut butter and syrup mmmmmm it was delicious. But apparently not a "real meal" by definition of someone very close to me....

I first realized I didn't know how to cook in college. My friend Rebecca Ricks invited me over for lunch and since I had just gone shopping I said I could bring everything for the main part (decadent tuna fish sandwiches). She burst out laughing as she opened the door when I stood there in all my 18 year old excited naivety clutching in my left hand a dangling bag of bread and balanced in my right palm a can of tuna (I didn't know you HAD to put the other stuff in). Or the same semester I had my sister Alicia over for dinner (which she kindly offered to help me with). I decided to make spaghetti... you guessed it, Alicia stopped me before I dumped the entire red Western Family sized bag of spaghetti in the still room temperature silver pot of water (1 bag is enough to feed the entire BYU-I campus). Or when trying to impress a guy I really liked my sophomore year I decided to make him my families famous sourdough pancakes. I was first suspicious something was wrong when I hadn't remembered my families batter smelling quite so strong, strong enough to have smelt the batter before I even opened the door twhere we were before us stood my newly batter splattered apartment! (don't the the lid on the full mason jars your using to raise the batter...actually DON'T raise batter in a jar)

But here's the thing....I LOVE FOOD!!! I fully support all forms of food consumption...I support it multiple times a day even! But for the sake of progress (for the sake of my health and anyone who lives with me) and just to become more well rounded and well...less rounded I need to learn to cook. Here's the other thing...I don't really want to! I want to be that person that cooks but it takes too long!!! And shouldn't you be able to put all the ingredients in at the same time? Just in the order they are in the list? That's just logic to me....AND when I decide to cook, I walk up and down the isles at the store eventually grabbing a box of granola bars or some fruit and some fruit snacks. I have bread and turkey and cheese and lettuce right now, but that was the extent of my planning. SO, yes it's just me here and yes I matter enough to eat yummy good for me food (:p) So, I need some help. Most people in my family and most of my friends are exceptional cooks but I am a not so secret Top Ramen lover lover lover!

So for March 2011 I am going to learn to cook!

How I need help:
Recipes (EASY PEASY ones please, and I googled "recipe for one" the other day...small portion recipes please)
Shopping staples (what the heck do I buy???) it would be great if I can use something I buy for a few different recipes.
And some motivation - goal/program ideas/success tips, why do you like to cook etc.

Side do I decorate my blog? Because let's be honest this is waaay too boring...